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Gartziategi Organic Cider D.O.

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High-quality natural cider made from 100% native apples which, as well as satisfying all the demands of the Euskal Sagardoa seal, complies with all the rules for organic production, from the orchard to the bottle. 

D.O. Euskal Sagardoa


As well as guaranteeing its origin and quality, Euskal Sagardoa organic cider is a product that follows an ecological process from the orchard to the barrel.

Cider house Gartziategi

Experts say that this is the oldest cider house today, located in the valley of the Urumea river. With the knowledge passed down from generation to generation and the help of new technologies, they have continued with the production of cider. They make Basque cider combining tradition and modernity, always guaranteeing quality and taking advantage of the full potential of the local apple. All the cider produced by Gartziategi, 100% local apple and it is under the Euskal Sagardoa designation of origin.

Although the original family last name was Arrieta, their great-grandfather had nine daughters, prompting a change the last name. Today, his heirs, the Lizeaga Astigarraga family, run the cider house.

Basque Cider D.O.

BASQUE CIDER D.O., 100% local apple!

High-quality natural cider made from 100% native apples. A cider made from Basque apples, using locally-created varieties that have been improved and nurtured over thousands of years. As well as using local produce, the basis of the Euskal Sagardoa designation of origin is quality: all ciders bearing this certificate must undergo exhaustive physical-chemical analytical tests and tastings.

High-quality natural cider made from 100% native apples, with the confidence that comes from its origins and know-how. A commitment to the future for the industry.

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